Alter Ego

Drama series

About This Project

Suspense, Death and Love. Alter Ego is a high concept mystery drama series set in a unique world where death moves among the population to accomplish her task: touching those whose “last hour” strikes after that moment.


In her hiding place, the international Slavator Bank, the many clones of Death only have one appearance. That of a stylish young redhaired woman. When the clones are among us, they take the form of their alter ego, which is different for each clone. Death is ruthless, attractive and unstoppable.


Alter Ego is a new collaboration between Column Film and the Flemish A Team Productions. Previously, they produced Patser, Torpedo and Baghdad Messi together


In post production


8 x 50 minutes


Bart Vaessen
Steve De Wilde


Mathieu Mortelmans
Frederike Migom


A Team Productions
Hendrik Verthé
Kobe Van Steenberghe


Column Film
Chantal van der Horst


Videoland (NL)
SBS/Streamz (BE)

Drama series, In post production