The Heir

Drama series

About This Project

The Heir, the critically acclaimed non-fiction book by Alexander Münninghoff, is currently being edited by Column Film in collaboration with AVROTROS into a major Dutch drama series for the NPO (Dutch public broadcaster).


Rik D’hiet will write the screenplay. The recordings start in 2020.


In The Heir journalist Alexander Münninghoff compellingly describes his fascinating family history, and thus his book also deals with the history of the twentieth century. Münninghoff: “It’s about the consequences of the war. About a sly grandfather, who had become one of the richest people of Latvia in a very spectacular way, but two days before the war broke out he and his Russian wife and four children had to flee to the Netherlands, leaving behind all his possessions. About a naïve father, who fought out of idealism against the Soviets on the front lines, in SS-uniform, but then perished in the Netherlands. About a mother, who fled to Germany after the divorce and was not allowed to be my mother. And about me, the grandson, the son, the heir.”


The Heir experienced its twentieth edition by publisher Prometheus and grew into a bestseller in the Netherlands, it was awarded the Littéraire Witteprijs and the Libris Geschiedenisprijs, and nominated for the ECI-Literatuurprijs. The success of the book has not gone unnoticed outside of The Netherlands either; they are currently working on translations of the book into German, Czech and French.


Screenwriter Rik D’hiet is the screenwriter of feature films as Marina by director Stijn Coninx, with whom he also works on a film about the Gang of Nijvel; and from TV series like Grenslanders, Flikken, De Ridder and Het goddelijke monster by director Hans Herbots, to De Monstertrilogie by Tom Lanoye.



In pre production

Expected release



8 x 50 minutes


Diederik van Rooijen


Rik D'hiet

Based on

The book by Alexander Münninghoff


Chantal van der Horst


Mylène Verdurmen

Drama series, In pre production